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With over 10 years of experience, Bright Leadership Academy has established itself as the leader in tutoring and mentoring for all State Test students.



Performance in elementary school is a reflection of your child's skill and comprehension levels. The NYS Exams evaluate student mastery of content and skills in various areas from the school year. Admission to elite middle schools and high schools can also depend on your child's grades from elementary school. Contact us today and give your child an opportunity to excel above and beyond!

Our weekly 3-hour session is split into English and Math sections. Students can choose to attend either the entire session for well-rounded preparation or one part for focused enrichment.


“I have been going to Bright Leadership Academy since 4th grade. I started off with a 3 on my State Test in the 3rd grade so I turned to the academy for help. Since then I have only scored 4's on my State Tests and couldn’t be happier with their services. Personally, I one hundred percent recommend this tutoring service for everything. The tutors are friendly and very well educated. The material is unlike any other I’ve seen. Overall, this is a professional environment that really helps with all my tutoring needs. 

– Naveen W., NY State Test Program Student


“Bright Leadership Academy is the perfect place to bring your child for tutoring. The tutors are extremely helpful and specialized in tutoring to make sure your child’s needs are addressed. It’s a wonderful environment where every employee will go the extra mile to help each other out! I 100% recommend it.”

– Bright Leadership Parent

"I strongly recommend Bright Leadership Academy. My 3rd grade and 6th-grade sons have attended and are doing extremely well in school. My 6th grader received 4 on State Tests and graduated Salutatorian in 5th grade. We're looking forward to another school year. Can't wait to see how my 3rd grader will do on his first state tests! Bright Leadership Academy is definitely the place for academic enrichment. "

-Katrina R., Bright Leadership Parent


At Bright Leadership Academy, we take test prep seriously! Our Statewide Test students take a practice exam at least once a month. After each test, they receive a personalized score report, highlighting their specific strengths and weaknesses. During test review, students receive targeted and valuable guidance as well as tips in understanding and answering writing, reading comprehension, and math questions. During each session, students study and solve problems in writing and math. Proven test-taking strategies are discussed and practiced throughout the course. In addition to test prep/strategies, our 3-hour session helps the students to build the stamina to easily complete review the test in time. The course helps students achieve in both NYS Exam scores and report card grades. 

Hundreds of parents and students have recommended Bright Leadership Academy to others. Give your child an opportunity to have a bright future, too. Enroll in our NY State Test Program today!

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