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With over 10 years of experience, Bright Leadership Academy has established itself as the leader in tutoring and mentoring for all Regents students.



The Algebra Regents Exam measures a student’s understanding of the Common Core Learning Standards for Algebra. It is a 3-hour standardized exam that requires students to show an understanding of mathematical concepts, use prior knowledge and prerequisite skills, and solve real-world problems using tools and formulas. This course is a requirement for the Advanced Regents Diploma. Additionally, this course material is one of the main foundations of the SAT test. Contact us today to prepare your child for the Regents and future advanced math!

Over 90% of our students pass the Algebra Regents, with a majority scoring over 85%!


“This tutoring center has qualified tutors, whose mission is to make sure their students achieve their desired test scores! I would definitely recommend this tutoring center to everyone who need to save their grades. 

– Laila G., NY State Test Program Student


“Wow! This is amazing! I've been a student here for for the past couple years. The tutors are helpful and kind. They are very intelligent. I love this tutoring place so much! I highly recommend this to everyone in need of tutoring.”

– Bright Leadership Student

"Bright Leadership Academy is the perfect place to bring your child for tutoring. The tutors are extremely helpful and specialize their tutoring to make sure your child’s needs are addressed. It’s a wonderful environment where every employee will go the extra mile to help each other out! I 100% recommend it. "

-Huda Jafri, Bright Leadership Tutor


BLA students take at least one high-quality Algebra Regents exam every month with the purpose of gathering specific information to help us plan your child’s individualized learning path. After each test, they receive a personalized score report, highlighting their specific strengths and weaknesses. During the test review, students receive targeted and valuable guidance as well as tips in understanding and answering the questions.

During each session, proven test-taking strategies and time-saving tips are discussed and practiced throughout the course. In addition to test prep/strategies, our 1 ½ hour session helps the students to build the necessary stamina to easily complete and review the difficult test material within the given time. In some cases, they finish the exam well before the allocated time. 

Hundreds of parents and students have recommended Bright Leadership Academy to others. Give your child an opportunity to have a bright future, too. Enroll in our Algebra Regents Program today!

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